Why the barn?

So, what’s the story?  Well I don’t have a lot of space for my “stuff”.  My craft supplies, my fabric, my projects.  The space in our house is taken up by my husband’s “stuff”.  Now, don’t get me wrong-I have spent the first 6 years of our marriage training him to contain his stuff to the garage, basement and one counter top in the kitchen.  It’s not as if the whole house is strewn with hammers, car parts and chainsaws.  But, I digress.  Back to my stuff…I’ve taken over the guest bedroom to the point where we can’t really host guests!  Hmmm…my husband has his own sawmill, access to wood, and the ability to build.  ” Honey”, I said, “build me a barn”.  And he did!

We broke ground in August of 2010.  There are just a few finishing touches on the construction.  I’m keeping my headquarters in the house because it’s chilly in that barn.  I’ll have a wood burner in there soon to remedy that.  With that in mind, I’m due to move in officially this coming March.  From the barn I will create gifts to give, complete projects to learn and teach, and make crafts to sell.


6 thoughts on “Why the barn?

  1. I have to admit that I’m jealous! 😀 How cool to have your own space like that!! Isn’t it convenient to have a husband that’s good with wood? Will this be a child-free crafting zone, for now? Will you have studio space available or offer classes?

  2. I am looking forward to a semi-child free zone. I really want to put up a sign that says “No Boys Allowed”. That would of course eliminate everyone that lives in my house, except me (even the two dogs), but as soon as I do that William will want to try to sew again or Ben will help me with my box full of scraps (read: throw things all over the floor in a jubilant fit) and I’ll smile from the inside out knowing that I love having them around me. So the more the merrier and I’ll sneak out for me time during naps and bedtime!

  3. *giggle* I love it. I would hang up a sign that said “no boys allowed” anyway, just to do it!

    Now that would be a cool crafting project, something fun and recycled to paint on for the sign, or a round of log with the bark still on? I want to say that sometime I saw a blog post where they used thin rounds like that painted with chalkboard paint and hung from lengths of jute twine through drilled holes. (I’m not good at explaining that, I hope that made sense.) ;-P

  4. That made perfect sense and I’ve been wanting to experiment with chalkboard paint! Thanks for the idea…now if I only could get my hands on a round of log with the bark still on? “Oh John? Where are you?”

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