I found a use for…

Book Jackets.  Specifically from childrens’ books.  Although jackets do a fine job keeping book covers clean and neat, with a 3 1/2 year old and a 15 month old in our house they just get in the way.  Such beautiful colors and fun characters can’t go to waste, though!!!  What can I do?  I have found a use!

The winner of our first giveaway will be receiving her prize in a large mailing envelope made from a book jacket.  This particular book is a winter favorite at our house- Sam the Zamboni Man, by James Stevenson.  We love hockey and ice skating and enjoy this cute story of a boy’s visit with his grandfather Sam, who drives the Zamboni (an ice clearing machine for those of you not familiar with the ice) at a large stadium in the big city.

To make the Recycled Mailing Envelope I unfolded the whole jacket and cut it in half along the middle fold, where the book’s binding would sit.  Using just one half of the jacket, I simply folded it twice to create a pocket and a flap.  With my sewing machine on the largest stitch setting I stitched up the sides.  Once I put the Recycled Stationary Set inside and stick on a label with the winner’s address I will seal the flap and reinforce the sides with packaging tape.  I chose to sew the sides so I didn’t lose inside space by folding or gluing it closed.  With such great jackets to choose from I will be making more Recycled Mailing Envelopes perfect for sending special mail to your favorite kiddo.