Knitting with a t shirt

Here’s the lowdown on the t shirt yarn.  I took an old t shirt and cut it into a continuous 1/2″ strip using the method described at Craft Passion.  To get a feel for it I knitted it on size 9 needles with 6 stitches.  I made it into a fun chunky cuff.

I’ll be using the t shirt yarn to make jewelry, hats and I’d like to try a set of placemats.

The 1/2″ width was good for knitting, but it did shed some while working with it, not a problem really as it stayed strong.  I’ll be experimenting with wider widths also.  Perhaps 1″ and even 2″.


6 thoughts on “Knitting with a t shirt

  1. So cool! Feel free to make me something for my birthday! he he he—You could also string small glass or wood beads as you knit to give the bracelets little details of interest!

  2. Thanks and any color requests? As for details, I have some buttons that I’m hoping to use with other color t shirts I have in my stash. The beads would work well, too!

  3. Wow that is a pretty intense project there! I’m thinking a set of coasters might be a good smaller scale substitute that could still use the braided spiral design. I love those braided rugs, though. My grandparents Wiesner had several in their house so it always brings back good memories!

  4. This would be neat to try with a tie-dyed t-shirt. I bet the color play would be interesting. (I love bright colors.)

  5. Ha Ha! I have a long sleeved tie-dyed shirt from high school that I can’t wait to use! You read my mind!

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