Today we’re having another giveaway because the sky is getting ready to fall around here with a “Historic Winter Storm“.  Check your house for the essentials- batteries, cocoa, blankets, internet connection and snuggle in for an icy week. This lovely little bracelet was made by yours truly from three different pieces of jewelry that had served me well, but been taken out of the lineup.  I never EVER throw out a piece of jewelry that has broken.  There are so many pieces that can be reused and given a second chance. Like on this one-I love the soft neutral tones of the wood beads against the deep reds and fun design of the central bead.  It is on memory wire and is a size small measuring 7″ end to end.

To enter the bracelet giveaway leave a comment below telling us what your favorite blog is right now.  I’m being a meanie and making you choose ONE blog.  If you’re like me you have 18 or so that you adore and regularly check, but lets pick the cream of the crop today and give a shout out to your favorite.

The giveaway will run until Friday morning or if we lose electricity due to the ice it will run until I can get back on and close the contest down!  How’s that for a Chicken Little timeframe!


3 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. My favorite blog is my nephews’ blog and since I’m not allowed to pick two blogs I will plead the 5th and not name which nephew! He, he, he! Stay safe everyone!!!!

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