I found a use for…

…greeting cards!

So do you keep your cards, recycle them, regift them, repurpose them?  I’ve done a little of each.  Last year I took past Christmas cards and used them to decorate baby themed gift bags, successfully turning them into holiday bags!  I only needed so many pastel colored bags with Noah’s ark on them (no offense Noah).  I’ve also used them to spruce up the outside of an envelope, which is especially useful if giving a gift card or other important piece of paper.  I’m sure I’ll do some of that when needed, but I’ve also found a handy gadget that will really cut through my stash of adorable cards, Christmas and otherwise.  My paper punch!

I bought a tag shaped paper punch at Joanns on sale for around $9.00.  This is a pretty pricey purchase for me.  I try my best to make due with what I have and after all, I have scissors, right?  This is a worthwhile buy!

I now have gift tags to use or sell and price tags for any of the items I make!  Each of the giveaway items from the last two weeks were tagged.  This way the items were ready to be given, should the winner choose to pass it along to someone special.

I’ve found it to be addicting to sit down with a stack of cards and punch through each one.  I challenge myself to find the best position on the card or to get as many as possible out of a single card.  Only downside…its a bit loud when crunching through that cardstock, so it’s not really a nap time project, which is when I get most of my time.  With this one though I can get the kids involved at least.  William (3.5) loves to help punch and Ben (16 months)…well Ben likes to walk around with the cards or put the leftover bits of paper into the dogs’ food bowls.  The dogs enjoy being a part of our creative experience as well.

Do you recognize a card you sent to me?  Stand and be identified in the comments below!


One thought on “I found a use for…

  1. How did you know that I was sitting here looking at cards and trying to figure out how to repurpose them?? Brilliant! I’m going to go out (tonight probably!) and buy the punch 🙂

    It will be the perfect addition to the S.W.A.K. bags that I’m creating for V-day!

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