Zero Landfill 2011

One good thing about February!  It’s Zero Landfill time!

Zero Landfill is a wonderful upcycling program that helps keep thousands of pounds of samples from the architectural and design industry from going to waste by making it available for FREE to artists, students and teachers…and you!  It’s open to the public and there’s something new each day.  Akron is holding it’s Zero Landfill event every Saturday in February from noon to 3pm at 30 N. Main St.  For more on the details check out this article.

I went last year and had a great time.  I found carpet squares that will be used in the barn; upholstery samples that my mom turned into beautiful wall art for her living room; fabric that I’ve made into gift bags and pouches; tiles that have become trivets and my boy, William picked out a very special carpet sample folder that he used for creative play.  It became his “computer” and he spent hours pretending to talk to his Uncle Jimmy, who was living in Romania at the time.


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  1. The Zero Landfill event is open to artists, crafters, teachers and anyone who can put the materials to good use. In other words open to everyone. You can check out more at the event organizers website

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