More T shirt Bracelets- Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I am so happy with the results of my continued experiments with T shirt yarn.  I increased the width of the strip to 1″ and have been braiding them instead of knitting.  I like the smoother, more finished look than the knitting and by stacking several strands I can still achieve a thick cuff style.I’ve also perfected the process of closing the bracelet off.  First, for the black knitted bracelet, I made a loop and button closure which was fine, but it didn’t sit well on my wrist where the fabric overlapped and if I put it end to end the bracelet was too big for me.  Second, I tried sewing the braided ends together and covering it with a sleeve of fabric.  The sleeve kept slipping, exposing the messy ends.  I settled on sewing all the ends to each other and repeating on the other side, then putting a sleeve over both ends and sewing the sleeve in place.

This red bracelet came from a long sleeve t shirt so I was able to use the wrist cuff as the sleeve covering the ends.  I love having an part of the original shirt in the finished bracelet!

I’ve been wearing this two strand tan one and it goes so well with my winter sweaters.  I do think I’ll switch over to the red one for Valentine’s Day!


5 thoughts on “More T shirt Bracelets- Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  1. Hey sis! Have you done much with denim? Deanna has a pair of black jeans that are worn in the knees and lost the snap so I thought about cutting off the legs and sewing up the bottom to make a cute purse (her size 6 jeans are the perfect size!). Wanted to know if you had any suggestions before I start cutting and sewing. How stretchy are the t-shirt braids? They would make cute handles on the purse but I wouldn’t want them to stretch too much. Let me know your thoughts! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. I think that would be adorable. The stretchy characteristic of the t-shirt braids would depend on how long you want the straps to be. Doing two short straps might hold up better than one long over the shoulder strap. Plus, you could make the strips 2″ thick before braiding them and that would create a sturdier strap. Sewing with denim can be tricky because of how thick the material gets when you come to a seam. It also calls for a special “denim” needle for your machine. Although to be honest, I’ve sewn denim with a universal needle and been fine with the results. Of course, I might have worn down my needle faster that way. Hard to tell.

  3. Just thought of another idea. You could use two t shirt strips and one strip of another fabric and braid the three together. The second fabric could be something woven with out much stretch. Or a ribbon even! It might give it a less finished look but that could be cute on a purse and it would add even more color, if you wanted.

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