New Camera!!!

Are you a happy Valentine?  I am!  I got a new camera for Valentine’s Day.  I’ve been hoping to get a DSLR and I bought a Canon Rebel XTi from a very nice person who didn’t need it anymore.  I’m really enjoying learning more about picture taking and hoping that this will improve both my families memories as well as the pictures I share with you!

JJ, the K9-Lassie, was nice enough to pose for some practice shots.

Ben, however, was not as excited about modeling.

New Camera Disclaimer- the possession of a new fancy pants camera doesn’t mean my pictures will be masterpieces.  It means I will be learning how to better portray my ideas and information!  Please excuse my mistakes and if you have any ideas on how to learn more about photography with little to no extra time, by all means, tell me!  I’ve been carefully reading through the posts on The Pioneer Woman blog.  She’s an amazing writer and puts technical photography ideas into layman’s terms.  Just what I need!

What camera do you have?  Why do you love it?