This Bloggin’ Community!

Oh how I love blogs!  This community is so fun and friendly.  You want proof?  I’ll give you proof!

Take Craft Snob.  Sara is a total cutie and has great ideas.  I participated in a giveaway she held and…I won!  Yippee for me and my kiddos, too.  I won the Kids Journal and she sent me two super special journals just the right size for my little ones.  Ben will have to grow into his, but William has already decorated the first page with green (it’s his favorite color).  And fabric flowers?  Don’t look anywhere else.  She makes so many cute ones in so many designs.  I want to make this one and this one and oh…this one.

Next up is Clever Nesting.  This one holds a special place in my heart because Devona is local and I know her…she is a curly haired inspiration with incredible style!  The blog features a lot of crafts and methods that are light on Mother Earth!  That is so important and I strive to reuse and repurpose materials in my crafts as well.  Go check out the amazing dress Devona is working on and also enter the fabric giveaway they are having right now, but you have to enter by Feb 23!!!


3 thoughts on “This Bloggin’ Community!

  1. So, I’ve been slogging through my ever growing collection of bookmarks stored on my computer and decided to tackle the blog list and try to cut it down to something more meaningful and follow-able. I found this one and thought of your recent post. So here is a blog suggestion for you (to follow). I’ll let you know if I find any others…

    Spiritual Knitter. Handmade items from recycled materials.

    *disclaimer: I only looked at it for a few minutes, so no guarantees, but thought you might be interested*

  2. Yea-new blogs!!! That looks really cool! I flipped back a few pages and there were some gardening posts! Gets me excited for spring! I love the sweater she’s working on, too!

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