tonight’s little list

1.  I’m secretly glad it snowed again today.  As much as I’m looking forward to spring, the snowflakes falling out of the steel gray sky looked beautiful.

2.  There are great hopes for tomorrow- a thrift store trip, an invigorating workout, some woodworking projects, and I’m hoping to try my hand at candlemaking (the chunky pieces in the previous post’s close-up shot are up first for the melting pot).

3.  I love my new stove!

4.  I wish I had tried candlemaking last week when I still had my old stove.

5.  The T-shirt bracelets that I’m knitting as an I-cord are so fun, quick and easy.  I’m making a ton of them and can’t wait to cut more fabric.

6.  Time to move past T-shirt bracelets and on to a new material…hence the candlemaking hopes.

7.  Is it possible to be addicted to Etsy?

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One thought on “tonight’s little list

  1. 1. I love lists!
    2. I am jealous of your winter, even though I’m sure there will be moments in the future where I can’t believe I said that.
    3. Hurray for a new stove, new projects and new-to-you stuff from thrift stores (that one down the way from you is amazing!)
    4. If it is possible to be addicted to Etsy, I am right there with you 🙂

    Happy almost March!

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