Day Two: Tissue Knit Loop Scarf

Found this knit fabric at the thrift store hanging amongst the bedsheets and throw pillows.  It had a garment tag on it and I believe it to be a scarf in it’s former life.  It is again a scarf…two scarves actually.  Would they be considered repurposed items?  I mean it was a scarf and I made it into different scarves…hmm…anyway back on topic-I cut the fabric in half and sewed each into loops.  I wore one all day.  Ben played peek-a-boo with the soft fabric and William wanted a turn to wear it.

I wish it wasn’t bunched up on my shoulder in this picture because it really does sit nicely on my neck.  I love how it piles and drapes…so comfy.  Added a pretty touch to my knit top and jeans and when I got chilly and threw on my cardigan it was a great accessory!

How perfect that it is shamrock green?  Now I’ll never be caught without green on for St. Patty’s Day!

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