Day Four: A Necklace Scarf and more T-shirt Yarn…

…or should I say Yawn.  I challenged myself to do new things this week and I fell right back into t-shirt yarn and scarves.  It’s like when you say you’re going to spice up your wardrobe and then you still wear your jeans and knit tops.  Well, at least the finished product will be beautiful!  Here’s what I worked on today-

The unsuspecting T-shirt…I say unsuspecting, but I’m sure it knew something was up when I hung it all by itself on my living room wall.

Here’s what we had at 6:00 pm tonight…a work in progress moved off the dining room table so we could have dinner.  It’s important.  That dinner thing.

Here’s a close up.  Things I love-

1.  I cut and braided four 1″ strips and two 2″ strips.  The 2″ strips (in the foreground) are the widest I’ve done yet.  They are really chunky and fun and the two different sizes give it such texture.

2. I can lay the braids so the “v”  of the braid alternates directions throughout the scarf necklace.

3.  The lovely blue color means this scarf necklace will go well with jeans.  That’s what my Grandma Connair would say if she were alive!

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