Day Five: Two Birds, One Stone

We’ve got a birthday celebration tomorrow and I’m double dipping on the craft time by making today’s project and tomorrow’s birthday cards.

I love the simple shapes and bright colors of these Birthday Cake Cards.  I’m using up some scrapbooking papers and bright strips of discarded paper from a teacher friend!  We made one for my mom’s birthday last year and I’m pulling them out again.  This time I put them on the outside front of an envelope with matching stationary sheets.  I only need two for tomorrow so the others will be packaged and sold in the Barn!

These are perfect if the gift is an IOU or gift card.  It adds a little handmade touch and gives you the space to include a nice note along with the gift.

Is this your first visit to the Barn?  Welcome and come on in.  Take a look at the About Page to get to know me better.  Watch the progress of the Barn and keep a look out for an upcoming sale.  We’d love for you to stop by!


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