Your attention please, class!

Labels.  Definitions.  Descriptions.  They are up for interpretation.  Well I did receive my Associates Degree in Interpretation (albeit the Natural and Historical type of interpretation) and so it’s only natural I would have a lesson for you today.  Not on history, though…today it’s a vocabulary lesson!

Thrift is the characteristic of using a minimum of something (especially money) (source).  We all want that characteristic, am I right?  Maybe we want to spend our money on something else.  Or we don’t have much money to spend.  Or we arrange our lifestyle so we don’t need as much money.  This is one of the main reasons I shop at the Thrift Stores, not only for my family but for materials for the Barn, too.

Frugal can have a stingy, almost negative connotation, but is defined as prudence in avoiding waste (source).  Many of us live our lives frugally for more than just monetary reasons.  We are also sensitive of our impact on Mother Earth.  I am frugal with my materials and my time.

Sometimes a word is so commonplace we forget its origins.  Recycle means to use again after processing (source).  Is that process an industrial one or can it apply to a more handmade process?  You decide.

Finally, we come to a word I have mentioned several times on this blog already.  Repurpose is a craft world buzzword and is worth defining.  Repurpose has two definitions- 1. To reuse for a different purpose, on a long-term basis, without alteration.  2. To alter to make more suited for a different purpose (source).

The second definition is more likely the case when it comes to crafts and I would also like to point out the the items we are repurposing are often otherwise going to go to waste.  Confused?  Let’s take a closer look at the difference between those two.

1. This box used to hold clementine oranges.

Now it holds my remote controls.  Not altered, just serving a different purpose.

Whereas two green sweaters, one with a holey sleeve and another with a stretched out neck, were doomed for the trash.  I repurposed them into a wreath.

They were altered- felted, cut, strung and hung.  They never have any hopes of ever being sweaters again.  They are forever a wreath.  Don’t fret, it is happy as a wreath!

In closing, I promise to use my craft materials in a thrifty and frugal manner.  I will repurpose and recycle when possible.  And in doing so I will bring you creative crafts and unique gifts at very affordable prices.

Class dismissed.


3 thoughts on “Your attention please, class!

  1. I obviously loved this post! And your commitment to recycling and reusing craft materials. Even with a focus on being “eco-chic”, I still struggle in Joann’s. I have to seriously resist putting the entire store in my cart!!

    Can’t wait to see what you inspire me with 🙂

  2. Thanks Eco-Chic Katie! And I am in the same boat at Joann’s! It’s so easy to justify new purchases that will help clear my stash of repurposing materials or help me finish a project…but I try to make new my last resort! I make that part of the fun challenge!

  3. I love thrifting too. I’m not sure what resonates more, not having much money, arranging our lifestyle so we don’t need as much money, or wanting our money for other purposes. So yes, yes, and YES!!!

    I so wish I was better at being frugal and repurposing. Luckily it is a work in progress…

    Love this post! Glad to visit Portage Trail Barn!

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