It’s the Language that Eludes Me

Secondhand Treasures and Handmade Pretties

Secondhand Pretties and Handmade Treasures

Handmade Pretties and Secondhand Treasures

Cool stuff I’ve found and Cool Stuff I’ve made…okay not that one, but HELP!

I’m working hard on the language of Portage Trail Barn.  How can I describe it?  What can I say about it to people who aren’t right there looking at the items in the barn?  What will make them want to come visit me?  What items will they want to take home with them?  Please give me your input.  This language could be used in conversation, on print ads for the sales, on the blog, on price tags…anywhere that I want people to have a bigger understanding of Portage Trail Barn.

You might be thinking that I should’ve done this already, but here’s a little not-so-secret confession- I’m a perfectionist.  It wouldn’t surprise me if my loved ones have described me as anal before…I’ve described me as anal.  Lovingly, of course, but…well I have a certain personality that can sometimes get in my own way.  The Barn as an example would never have even been started if I hadn’t just plunged in head first without planning out certain things (like descriptions and language).  If I had stopped to plan everything out…everything would’ve become nothing and I’d be on to the next big plan.

I like planning almost as much as I like doing.  The past two years I’ve been in cut flower sales.  Cut from my own gardens, sold off my front porch.  How many signs did I make to advertise at the roadside…12 different signs.  Okay that’s an exaggeration, but it felt like 12 and I hadn’t even cut a single bouquet.  I finally printed a sign out slapped in on cardboard and cut some flowers.  Stop planning Mary Beth, start doing.  Which brings me back to my descriptions and advertisements for the Barn.  Better late, than never!

Thanks in advance for any insight and I hope you are enjoying a look at some of the secondhand items I’ve been putting up!  I’ve been busy arranging the barn and finishing up a few handmades!  March is going quickly and April will fly by, too!

Is this your first visit to the Barn?  Welcome and come on in.  Take a look at the About Page to get to know me better.  Watch the progress of the Barn and keep a look out for an upcoming sale.  We’d love for you to stop by!


2 thoughts on “It’s the Language that Eludes Me

  1. Have you asked the ultimate wordsmith–Dad? I’ll think on it too but how would you describe it to your best friend? Think back to why you started the Barn. New life for old things . . . Reincarnation . . . Rebirth . . . Reduce . . . Reuse . . . Reinvent . . . Rejoice . . . As old things become new again . . .

    Plus don’t forget that a little mystery isn’t a bad thing. “Thanks for coming. Yes, all these things are either handmade or reinvented for a new purpose.”

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