A Game of “What If?”

We’ve been doing some creative exercises to keep our inspiration flowing.  Today’s is..

What if Portage Trail Barn participated in a craft show?

What would we bring?

How would we display?

How would we price things?

How much time would we need to prepare and make things?

I’ve got quite a list of handmades going…

For you

For the Kids

  • Capes
  • Swords
  • Shields
  • Crowns
  • Animal Tails
  • Tooth Monsters

For your Home

  • Coat Trees
  • Wreaths
  • Notepads and Stationary
  • Nose Hooks
  • Candle holders

As for displays Flicker has been my new best friend.  I’ve been searching through other people’s displays for inspiration.  This is research for the barn as well since all the above items will need a display in the barn.  Some things are already taken care of, but research is ongoing.  Pricing is an ongoing project as well.

The time to prepare…hmm…I’d need awhile.  I know a craft show will be in my future, so along with the Spring sale it is good inspiration to get busy.  So that’s what I’ll do!