today’s little list

1.  My children are playing nicely together…why?

2.  I’ve enlisted help with the tagging and pricing of the sale items and I’m actually looking forward to it now!

3…the number of times this week I got to spend in the Barn making things.  That is exactly 3 more than I got last week and 2 more than I normally get!

4.  Looking forward to a much needed break and celebration tonight.

5.  I find it ironic that John needs the children to be awake to work on his projects (they all involve loud machines) and I need the children asleep to work on mine!

6.  Thinking back over number 5 I realize how nice that works out for us and in theory means that someone could be making something for the Barn at any given moment of the day.

7.  Thinking back over number 6 I realize that it’ll never happen that way!

8.  I really must get more pictures posted for you of our handmade items.  I am so proud of the tooth monsters and of John’s swords and sheilds.  Do I risk disrupting the children playing well and take some photos now?  No, no I don’t.  I’ll do it another time.  You’ll just have to come to the sale to see them in person.

9.  I’m treating myself to a shopping trip at Noto in downtown Akron before the sale.  You might just see me in some new threads from this cute little shop.

10.  I was done with my list at 9 but felt like stopping at 10 today might help round things out!  Bye for now!