Super Kid Capes

I live with 2 Super Kids and I am lucky enough to know many, many more.  Every Super Kid needs a cape.  I have enjoyed many of the things I’ve made for my children and the Barn, but the capes might be my very favorite.  They are simple, made from a previously loved t-shirt and encourage the very best play times.  Super Kid capes have two shoulder straps instead of a neck strap.  And they’re adjustable so they can grow with your child!

So it might not be the making them that I love so much.  It’s watching my boy try to make the cape fly as high as he can.  Here’s a look at how well he did.  Enjoy.  I did!


4 thoughts on “Super Kid Capes

  1. Thanks Darlene! They are super fun and lots of kiddos got new capes from the Spring Barn Sale we had this past weekend. I’ll be sure to make more for the Summer Sale!

  2. I just saw them in the pictures you posted! How fun! We’ll be at the Summer Sale to get some. Any chance we can preorder?!!! If so, please feel free to send me an email.

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