One Women’s Firewood…

is my material source!

I have BIG plans for this woodpile.  Two that I dream of often involve candle holders and chalkboard paint, not together in the same project…although…

Sorry, I got distracted.

The same thing happens when I peruse the scrap piles.

I see blackboard signs and simple coat hooks.

And last but not least is the birch.  Oh, Betula papyrifera.  I love Paper Birch.  I could spend all my time making things with birch logs.  First, though I’d have to learn how to woodwork.  I leave that to John right now and his to do list is so long that the birch is on the back burner.

Except for the display we’ll be making for my T-shirt Loops.  Nature has provided us with the perfect display branch and I can’t wait to mount it on a wall in the barn!  Just look at those pre-made pegs!


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