Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from our little patch of dirt to yours!  Please do something good for you and the Earth.

Need an idea?  I’m so glad you asked…

  • Plant a tree- the tried and true!
  • Buy something made locally- we’ll have plenty to choose from next weekend at the Barn Sale!
  • Walk or bike to where you are going.
  • Opt out of your daily shower.  Really.  Chances are if you take a shower daily it’s more for comfort than for your health.  Now, from this particular category I will exempt the Tree Climber in my family…husband, darling, take a daily shower!  I don’t want poison ivy.  Thank you.
  • Go on a nature hike.
  • Turn off the TV…forever.
  • Buy something handmade from reclaimed materials- again, we can help you with this one!
  • Read a book and then pass it along to someone new.
  • Share the morning paper with someone.
  • Spend time with a child that you really care about.  Teach them how to really care about themselves.

How are you going to celebrate the Earth?