Midwest Craft Caucus…I’m going!

Thanks to my friend and college roommate, Hanna for putting me on to this exciting event.  The Midwest Craft Caucus is being held in Columbus, Ohio this June.  I took advantage of their early bird deal and bought my 2 day pass.  Check out the website and make sure to buy before May 1 to get the special.

The information I am most excited about is…well…all of it.  Here’s a little list from the site of what to expect at the conference.

  • Branding and Product Development
  • Legal Issues for Handmade Businesses
  • Financial Planning for Growth
  • Pricing Strategies and Formulas
  • Online advertising and marketing
  • Effective Small Business Blogging
  • Utilizing Social Media
  • Working with Retailers
  • Teaching your Craft
  • Getting Published
  • Selling at Craft Fairs and Events

Awesome?  Yes!


2 thoughts on “Midwest Craft Caucus…I’m going!

  1. I’m very excited! I think it’ll be really interesting. Let me know if you make plans to go!

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