a little list for you and me

  1. I’m getting a TON done but I’m also distracted by all the nature babies- mourning doves incubating out the dining room window and chickadees nest-building outside the kitchen window!  Makes me tired.
  2. Made some candles this morning and used up all the supplies (wick and wick tabs) but not all the wax…I’ll think about what to do on that one.  I don’t really want to buy more supplies…hmm…
  3. I didn’t know what the metal circles at the bottom of the candle were called (wick tabs).  I had to look that up.
  4. I’ve started a sweater wreath and predict its completion this afternoon.  Thanks to everyone at the Sale who supplied feedback on what other colors to use.  I had two blue-tone wreaths so there wasn’t a choice for those with other house colors.  I’m working with red now.  Neutral earth tones is next.
  5. This list is not so little…well there’s only a few numbers, but each one is rather wordy.  Thanks for sticking with me!
  6. A new idea came to me this morning while flying William’s friend, Froggy, into his room.  Froggy is a soft and rather dashing stuffed green and white striped frog that joined us around the same time William’s little brother Ben arrived.  Funny how that happens.  Anyway, back to flying.  Yes, flying without a cape!  The horror.  I’ll be working on a Super Friend Cape for him ASAP!  Might be something you see at the Summer Barn Sale!  You never know…expect that I’ll tell you, so then you will know.  And knowing is half the battle!