We really love aprons…and hate retail waste!

We have full aprons, frilly aprons, straight aprons, kids aprons, doll aprons, skirt aprons and even aprons for your wine bottle…

What?  Seriously, they are so awesome!  These make a cute hostess gift for upcoming summer cookouts!

There’s a little story behind many of our aprons-

The wine bottle aprons were a pattern and project that we inherited from Grandma Connair.  She had one finished and the materials for 3 others.  How’s that for reclaiming?  If we hadn’t taken these on and completed them I doubt they’d be used for anything else and the material might have been trashed.

As for the adult aprons, some of the material is from the boxes of discarded fabric we have, but other aprons are made from retail waste.  Next time you are in a big box store look at all the fabric on display- curtains, comforters, pillow shams, sheets, blankets, shower curtains, and other linens.  Where do those go when they are done with that pattern, that style, that season?  You should ask.  Ask them what happens to all the upholstery samples, the furniture fabrics, the demonstration booklets. Some are lucky enough to end up at an event like Zero Landfill.  But not nearly enough large scale retailers recycle their materials.  In fact, ask them every time you shop so that all the employees you reach have to find out the answer and other people hear you asking.

Luckily for us, many of these samples are the perfect size for aprons and come with coordinating swatches perfect for pockets.  Aprons need good pockets, right?  What features do you like most in an apron?  pockets, adjustable straps, full or skirt, so many options…

I wear an apron a lot- doing dishes, hanging clothes, gardening, hunting for special treasures, such as sticks and rocks. I love a good apron and we really love to make and sell aprons in the Barn.  We’ll have plenty for you to tie on at the Summer Barn Sale!


2 thoughts on “We really love aprons…and hate retail waste!

  1. Shannon’s 2 cents ;-P

    I have ALWAYS wanted to wear aprons around the house and have procrastinated several times on trying to make myself one. (I’m tired of splashing water all over myself doing the dishes, for one.) What I run into is that I need a plus-size apron and none of the cute ones I see seem to work. Do you carry plus-size aprons? We need to chat! 🙂

    The boys LOVE their aprons. They have decided they are tool aprons for working, as well as chef aprons for cooking!!

    Passing along…

    Sew Liberated’s FREE Montessori child’s apron tutorial: (I love her “Sew Liberated” blog)

    A COOL website dedicated to aprons: (I love her “Angry Chicken” blog)
    “Tie One On: It’s about aprons. And making aprons.”

  2. We have a couple that would fit plus size! We will chat indeed! I’m glad the boys have been using their multipurpose aprons- working, cooking and art are our favorites around here! Thanks as always for sharing your 2 cents and for passing along neat links and ideas. I adore angry chicken!

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