Deconstruction Knitting- old dishcloths into yarn bomb ammuntion!

What?  Deconstruction-Yarn Bombing-Ammunition?  And we thought this was such a sweet little blog.  It still is, have no fear.  I’ll start at the beginning (it’s a very good place to start).  I have several knit dishcloths that are unraveling, but the yarn is still good.  I could try to save it, but I’m not well versed in recovery knitting.  So if it can’t be recovered-it should just be rebuilt with reclaimed materials.  So I’ll take my old dishcloths

and unravel them into balls of yarn for a Yarn Bombing of my own yard.  A yarn bombing is usually a form graffiti with knitted pieces added to statues, light posts, signs, benches, and pretty much anything else.  I say it is usually graffiti because some communities embrace and encourage it as a means of public art.  And in my case it’s not graffiti because I have permission from myself to do it to my own backyard…yeah, weird I know, but a project that

  1. uses reclaimed materials
  2. is a relaxing easy project (sit and knit whatever I want, no pressure, no pattern)
  3. gives me a way to practice different stitches
  4. will bring beauty and texture to my fence, signs, trees, barn and whatever else sits still!

I’ll post pictures of the results and there will be plenty up for the Summer Barn Sale for you to check out yourself.

Click on the purple box below to see the Yarnbombing website and get more information.

2 thoughts on “Deconstruction Knitting- old dishcloths into yarn bomb ammuntion!

  1. You’re right! It would be lovely to see a bit of yarn in the birdies nests!

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