Repurposed Flannel Shirt is now…My Handmade Business Card Case

Well I promised to share the final version of my handmade business cards and here they are-

They use repurposed cereal boxes, scrap fabric or paper, cardstock, stitches and include the information needed to contact us!  I love them and have gotten a good response from people!

Handmade business cards need a handmade business card case.  There was quite an evolution on this one, too.  Rounds one and two used upholstery samples but they proved to be too rigid and I kept getting the sizing wrong.  The sizing really was the tricky part for me due to the thickness of my cards.  They’re three layers, 2 of those card stock and one fabric or paper.

John was actually the one that asked if they’d fit in a shirt pocket.  Yes, dear, they would.  Thank you very much sometimes-creative-always-supportive husband, thank you.

I cut out the shirt pocket and stacked in a dozen or so cards.  After marking off where the bottom should be, I flipped the pocket inside out and stitched a new bottom.  Press, flip and topstitch- Ta Da!

I like it a lot!  It’s reclaimed, cute, flexible and ample enough to hold my cards plus the others I pick up from fellow crafty business owners.

A very “oh how cute” feature is that because it was from my hubby’s shirt it reminds me of him!