How do you juggle it all?

Where do you go for inspiration?  I mean besides Etsy.  The blog Prudent Baby is a favorite of mine and boy, did I strike a goldmine tonight.  Check out the full article for “5 tips for Fitting Crafting into a Busy Schedule”.

A mini recap: Setting time aside, breaking the project down into smaller parts, learning new skills, setting the project aside for a break and loving what you do.  I struggle most with the first two the most.  What gets me caught up is the business of crafting.  It’s the writing, blogging, reading, picture taking and editing, just the nitty gritty stuff.

Psst…it’s the stuff that makes this all feel like a job.  I’m just thankful that I do as the article reminds me love it and have a passion for it!  That makes it all worth it!