In Loving Memory…a Blanket from T shirts and Sweatshirts

I am honored to fulfill a special request from my dear friend.  She asked me to put together two memory blankets.  One from sweatshirts and one from T shirts all from a departed family member.  I don’t do custom work in this manner, but this was an exception.  So far it’s going very well and I hope to have the project complete soon.  The sweatshirt blanket will be double sided with thin batting in between.  The T shirt blanket is one sided with a sheet as the backing and thin batting in between.

It also gave me the opportunity to learn more about sewing knit.  I’m very interested in making women’s and girl’s knit skirts and dresses from reclaimed T shirts.  I don’t own a serger so it is all about the sewing machine stitches, the prep, the needle, the thread, all the details.

Goal for 2012- buy a serger and launch the Portage Trail Barn clothing line.