a little list for him

If you’ve spent any time at all on my blog you’ve come to realize I like lists…a lot.  If you know me personally you might even realize that “a lot” is an understatement.  But anyhow, I am so good at lists I even make them for other people, even my beloved.  So John, here you go.  This is your 6 week countdown to the Fall Barn Sale list.  Drum roll please…

  1. Rip out all the vines from in front of the cream fence
  2. Paint the cream fence Red
  3. Weed whack the yard-seriously, you can’t see the children’s slide for all the overgrowth
  4. Paint the Barn side door Red
  5. Make 6 shields
  6. Paint the Barn ladder Red
  7. Paint the Chicken coop door….Blue
  8. Ha!  Just kidding paint it Red, too.  Wanted to make sure you were still reading this.
  9. Make 6 swords
  10. Of course if you paint the coop door Blue I’ll know you stopped reading at number 8
  11. Finish the brick project
  12. Move the tractor into a unobtrusive location…we love her, but not that much
  13. Finish making more candle logs! 
  14. Help me landscape in front of the cream fence
  15. Make a large sign for me to paint with chalkboard paint…no I don’t know the dimensions yet…I’ll get them to you by the time you reach number 14
  16. Please understand how much I love you and thank you for your support!