Moving on to November’s Sale

With the success of the Fall Barn Sale behind me I’m beginning to focus on the Winter season and the upcoming Sale November 4-6.  It will be our big holiday focus and I’m having a blast coming up with fun things to make.  I have all this energy the weeks just after a sale and I was smart enough to use that energy to get organized.  Here’s what I did…

I limited myself to 5.  Just 5 bracelets, 5 ornaments, 5 scarves, whatever it is I will only make 5 of them.  Sounds simple, right?

Well it really helped when I moved on to the second part…set up.  I got a box for each kind of thing I want to make for the November sale, spread them all out and started to fill each one with the supplies I’d need.  Since I knew I was only making 5 it was easy to grab what I needed.  Bloggers note: yes I know I wrote scrapes on the above list and actually meant scraps.  These things happen…you love me because I’m imperfect.

The third and most important part is this…I can walk in, grab a box and work on a project.  When I run out of time, I put everything back in the box and walk out.  This has freed up my world like you would not believe.  I am now productive in the scant hour and a half afternoon naptime.  I can work for a bit before bed.  When my boys are entertained and happy on their own I can sneak away.  It is a good thing.  And I really needed a good thing!


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