Shop Local…Buy Handmade

This is now closed!  Thanks to everyone who entered.  Winners will be announced Monday!

Bumper Sticker Giveaway

Here’s the long awaited Portage Trail Barn bumper sticker.  I want you to have one so today we’re doing a giveaway.  For every 3 people that enter I’ll give away a sticker.  So if 6 people enter, 2 win.  If 12 people enter, 4 win.  If 724 enter…well I don’t know the math on that, but I don’t have that many stickers and I’d have to give IOUs.

To enter just leave one (1) comment below with one of your favorite local places to shop, eat or a favorite place you buy handmade goods.  Giveaway runs through Friday October 7, 2011 at 12 noon!

These will also be for sale at the Winter Barn Sale November 4-6, so if you don’t get one, don’t fret!  Come see me there!


12 thoughts on “Shop Local…Buy Handmade

  1. Joanna-That’s the catch 22 of vending at such a cool place! But so much fun! Can’t wait to see what beautiful cards you have!

  2. Gotta love family owned for yummy food…it’s the best way to go! We’ll have to cruise down and try The Depot sometime!

  3. I think I’m actually going to be in town to check out the barn sale at the beginning of November, that is so exciting! Well, out here in Boulder, Glacier Ice Cream is a local chain of really yummy fresh made ice cream, in Ohio it is Country Maid for ice cream. The lack of preservatives cause it is made right there… amazing! (Can you tell it is still hot here, me thinking about ice cream?) Your giveaways are fun! And hopefully see you in a month or so!

  4. BECCA! That would be so cool! I hope you can make it…and you can leave the hot out there. I’m enjoying the cool down!

  5. One?! Ok…
    ~Local Fashion Boutique: NOTO
    ~Local Crafting/Sewing Classes:Craft Akron
    ~Local Market:Howe Meadow Farmer’s Market
    ~Local Fine Dining:Nick Anthes
    ~Local Bakery:Golden Goose

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