Old Garden Rakes given new life!

I’ve been bitten by the Pinterest bug.  It is too much fun and too much time in front of a screen…but it’s SUCH a great way to get some inspiration.  Take one of my many discoveries from over the weekend…

Old Garden Rake heads!  I picked these 2 beauties out of a very helpful and friendly old shed.

Here are some possibilities I found while cruising Pinterest-

Apron hook for in the kitchen or back porch.  Source: Pinterest

Hung vertically with some mugs or cups as a planter!  Source: Pinterest

Add jars and votives for a reclaimed chandelier.  Source: Pinterest

Perfect place to hold a few glasses!  I’m thinking one for the patio or back porch for those surprise bottles of wine…You can, by the way, surprise me with a bottle of wine any time you like!  Source: Pinterest

Jewelry hanger!  You’ll be seeing this in the Barn displaying some of the beautiful pieces from Carol Jane!  Source: Pinterest

So what do you think?  I’m doing the apron hooks for my own house and the jewelry one in the Barn.  Then I’m off in search of more garden rakes!


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