Reclaimed Letters

I am officially trendy.  I picked up this little “f” and love the way it looks on the mantle.  It’s just the right size to sneak it in to the existing decorations.  And I love that it’s black and just a bit scruffed up.  Who knows where it came from, but I know it’s one less piece of trash and one more little thing that makes me smile!

Incidentally, 2 of the pumpkins in the picture are from the Country Living Fair.  I couldn’t leave without the simple beauty in the back made from vintage 50s drapes and a tree branch stem!  And the small canvas pumpkin on top of the mason jar is super cute.  It has a jack-o-lantern face on the other side and I’ll switch it around as we get close to Halloween and then back around to a plain pumpkin for Thanksgiving.  I seek out decorations that do double duty!


One thought on “Reclaimed Letters

  1. I’ve been tempted to get an M, but haven’t gone for it yet – saw a very cute wreath with a letter incorporated for the front door… I’ll make it one of these days!

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