New Furniture for November Sale

We’ve added new furniture for the Barn…some for sale, some on sale, and some that I won’t be parting with!  There are times when I see a piece that has so much display possibility I just know it’ll become a piece of the Barn.

First up is a hodge podge of lovely pieces.  Side tables, cafe set, student chairs, rustic benches all craving to be taken home.  Make sure to take a closer look at these in November.  I know you’ll love them and the price will be right because they’ll all be on sale!

This is not for sale, but it is lovely.  This is quite possibly my favorite display piece in the Barn right now.  It is secondhand and repurposed.  My parents found this entertainment center for me at the thrift store.  We will be turning it into a wardrobe, just right for the aprons and clothes we sell.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t local and I do have to thank my husband for driving to get it from my parents house…thanks John!

The coat tree is a piece my husband makes and I love the simplicity of it.  We have one of the shorter kid sized ones in our playroom for dress up clothes and it has made a great difference in how accessible and cleanable the area is.  I hung the baskets on there because…well…because I wanted to show my mom something.  (See Mom- if we get more bushel baskets in various sizes it becomes an easy display piece-people can just reach in to the baskets to find the item they want-plus we could move it outside if we wanted).  Okay, I’m done now.

I love buckets and galvanized steel.  I found more of it…I’m happy.

I’m also happy when my husband stops on the side of the road to pick up something he knows I will love.  Such as this door.  It’s beautiful and I don’t know what it will become just yet, but I know I love it and again…thanks, John.


That’s concludes our virtual tour for today, please visit us in person on November 4-6, we’ll be here 10 am until 2 pm.


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  1. Something like that would work really well in your living room! I’ll keep my eyes open at the thrift stores!

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