Not all who wander are lost…

but some are.  And those people need a sign or an arrow.  We love being tucked away in our little piece of Earth, but we can be a bit hidden.  We’ve gotten new road signs and improved parking lot signs.


So once you’ve parked we just need to get you to the Barn.  Let me introduce you to the Arrow Fence.

Not a fancy name, I know, but it is what it is.

I am collecting, finding, making, and asking for ARROWS to fill this fence.  We have 2 so far- the wood one I threw together the second day of the Fall Barn Sale and the old road sign my husband had.

You would not believe how happy I was that it pointed the right correct way.  He had to dig it out from under the garage while I paced in anticipation.  I had told myself that I could hang it upside down if need be and that it would be comical and cute, but I really wanted it to point to the left…and it does!

So the collection has begun.  If you see any arrows or things that could be arrows let me know or drop them off at the Winter Barn Sale November 4-6 between 10-2.  Any arrows would definitely count as a Donation Dud.