Featured Seller- Hanna’s Handmades

Hanna’s Handmades are carefully and lovingly constructed handmade items.  Portage Trail Barn currently carries these unique pendants made from reclaimed scrabble tiles.

I have hopes of expanding to other cute things she makes!  I ordered some custom cloth dolls for my boys (for Christmas, so shhhh!) and plan to get a hanging clothes pin bag.  How adorable is that?

I love her style, use of color and simple designs.  She loves doing things for the home or family, especially the moms out there. As Hanna puts it “Each mom deserves some simplicity and ease in her day.”  There’s no one who will argue with that (at least not on this blog because we’ll just gang up on you).  The fact that she’s my dear friend and college roommate is icing on the cake!

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