Things I’ve been doing…

…since we last talked.

Hello dear friends and farmers!  The trip to my parents was fun and eventful, the Winter Solstice was magical, Christmas was classic, and New Years a real blast!  I hope this finds you happy and healthy.  I thought I’d start the year off with a quick update to let you know what’s been going on.

  1. I am expecting Baby Filon #3 in July.

I know-I jumped right in with a doozy.  But if I had rambled on about projects and resolutions and hid the exciting personal news say down at number 9 you would’ve been shocked.  So I opted for upfront!

  1. Oh, now it won’t let me continue with two.  I don’t know how to fix that so we’re moving on.
  2. I made a pair of wool gloves for the 2 year old out of an old sweater.  He loves them and wears them around the house.  There will be more of these.
  3. Christmas was at least 50% handmade overall and that, my friends is an accomplishment.  My goal is to reach 100%.
  4. Paper, specifically book jackets, will be my next material.  I’ve got plans to make gift boxes, bags, gift card holders, embellishments, stationary, journals, lunchbox notes, and whatever else I can come up with for these colorful beauties.
  5. I can’t seem to let go of my fabric flowers so I’ll be working with those, too.
  6. Fabric marble maze is in the works.  The prototype probably would’ve been done except the boys absconded with it.  That’s really a good sign, though.  At least I know it’s fun.
  7. I’m looking forward to working with a select group of consignors to bring you a beautiful selection of repurposed and handmade things.  If you are currently a consignor expect to be contacted in March.  If you are interested in becoming a consignor you can contact me ASAP.  Please read up on Portage Trail Barn so you know that your items will be a good fit here.  Be prepared to send me a few good pictures of your items or schedule a visit.
  8. Mending for friends does have benefits: I got to practice buttonholes and the blind hem stitch.  Oh, and no, I don’t do mending for hire.  Please don’t ask me to mend anything.  Thanks.
  9. I plan on spending most of the winter season ORGANIZING, both my personal spaces (closets and pantry) and my business (consignors, storage, advertising and so much more).  I don’t know if I’m nesting early or if the change of the year has gotten me all up in arms, but I am an organizing fool.  I bought plastic baskets for the freezer.  Yeah, I’m that girl.  I’ve reorganized the desk, the junk drawers, the buffet table, the kids’ dresser, and the freezer.  Oh and the sewing room, but that doesn’t count because that happens at least every other month.  I do SO many different things in that room that it always looks like a bombs gone off.  I try to convince myself that it helps me with the creative process…that’s a lie, because I work best when things are in order.  Oh, well.
  10. New Year’s Resolution…stop huffing so much.  No more huffing out of frustration.  It’s annoying and doesn’t help.  I’ll have to change most of them over to “deep breaths” first and then phase them out.  It’ll be good.