New Tags for the Barn Sales

I revamped the price tags for the Barn items.  I had been using repurposed greeting cards cut with a paper punch.

I loved the effect and the fact that they are repurposed.  Problem is that the cardstock wore out the punch pretty quickly and I really don’t want to replace it.  Printing some out on cardstock ends up being a better option.

You might have noticed that this tag matches the business cards, so it also gave me a chance to brand Portage Trail Barn a bit more!

I’ll still have some gift tags for sale in the Barn using the cards and paper punch.  I love finding just the right spot to punch out and choosing different cards for different events.


3 thoughts on “New Tags for the Barn Sales

  1. You can give your punch new life by using it repeatedly on very fine sand paper. It effectively sharpens it. It’s worked for me.

  2. I’m so happy to hear these suggestions! I was very bummed about the tag punch because I enjoy using it for my personal gift giving as well as for the Barn (probably why it’s gotten such a workout). Thanks everyone!

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