The many roads of a crafter’s life…

The idea for Portage Trail Barn sneaked up on me over time and for many reasons.


  1. work at home (which is where I love to be)
  2. work with my kids around me (not all the time and not always easy to do)
  3. love what I do
  4. believe in and live a lifestyle that supports being a conscientious consumer
  5. make up my own hours
  6. have the skills (or want to get them)
  7. have a variety of materials that would otherwise sit useless

Which brings us to the point of this post.  I have tried so many different crafts and gathered so many materials and supplies over the years that I might never use them all.  Add to that all the materials that are saved from the trash can and I’ve got stuff….good stuff…pretty stuff…silly stuff…partial stuff…even part of a kitchen sink.  Seriously.

I would have to work for years (surrounded by all this stuff) to use it all up.  That’s where you come in.

Portage Trail Barn will now be selling supplies.  Notions, fabrics, doodads, baubles, and other fun things.  Think buckles off a broken belt, buttons from our great aunt’s sewing box, and various things picked from here or there.  I’m happy to add this to the Barn’s opportunities as I know there are many customers who are crafters themselves.  Just one more way that the Barn is a part of this amazing community.

Did you know that “snuck” is not actually an accurate past tense conjugation of sneak?  It just sneaked up on us over time.  Not sure I can switch to sneaked…awkward.  Anywho…


4 thoughts on “The many roads of a crafter’s life…

  1. I love that you will be selling notions! I love using embellishments in my projects. Can’t wait to see what there is. Colleen

  2. I have some fabric and notions that I will never use. Any chance I can sell it come spring?

  3. Your comment about sneaked/snuck made me laugh! When I read *sneaked* at the beginning I thought you had made a mistake – but I should have known better than that 🙂

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