Handmade by Joanna

Over the next few days we’ll be looking at pictures, examples, quotes and stories from the vendors of the Fall Barn Sale September 20-22!

“What attracts me to the items I make is that each greeting card is made one by one–they are not mass produced.  I love the process of hand stitching these fragile paper products and each card takes me several hours to complete.”

“I encourage people who admire and appreciate the work and detail that is lovingly stitched into each card to feel like they are giving not only a card but also a gift.”

I have given several of Joanna’s creations to people and they are more than a card, indeed!  Joanna creates right here in Cuyahoga Falls and is a major supporter of all things local.  Check out Akron Empire for fun things in Northeast Ohio and for more shopping with Joanna check out her etsy store!