I’ve always worked seasonal jobs…

…camp, naturalist programs, even retail…the busy season, the hot season, the boring season.  Every job I’ve ever had has been seasonal.  It only makes sense…at heart I am a naturalist.  Always will be.  I consider myself lucky to live in Ohio and to experience all four of the beautiful seasons.

The core goal of Portage Trail Barn is to provide a local shop where your money goes to handmade small businesses that are aware of their impact on the Earth.  Local, Handmade, Repurposed.  The underlying goal is to celebrate the seasons.  The changing of the seasons.  The beginning and end of each unique season.  We plan our sales in March, June, September and December to coincide with the equinoxes (did you know the plural of equinox) and solstices.  2012 was an exception to this rule as we had to focus on our growing family.

An interesting part of owning Portage Trail Barn is that I’m already planning for the next sale.  It’s a little hard to look at Christmas trees in September, much less make some, but make them I did.  Saw this fun tree and knew I had the goods to make a few.  So last night I got hopping.

It got me geared up for Winter crafts all the while enjoying my collection of pumpkins decorating my living room.