Wintry Mix List

My boys and I spent the morning flying a kite and enjoying the warm weather knowing full well that it wasn’t going to last. And so tonight with the wind howling and the ground sprinkled with white I create for you (okay, really the lists are for me, but I like to think they are entertaining) a Wintry Mix List.

  1. I hope you had great turkey and some of yummy jellied cranberries that come out looking like the can
  2. This Sunday is the day the vendors bring all their amazing merchandise to the Barn
  3. This also means I get to start displaying!!!
  4. I had no idea how much I liked creating displays until I started the Barn
  5. Tomorrow morning I will be supporting fellow small businesses by shopping at Craft Mart in downtown Akron.
  6. If you see me there make sure to say “hi”…I’ll be the one with the adorable almost 5 month old strapped to me
  7. We’ll also be hitting up a small business restaurant for lunch
  8. My chickens are not bothered by the cold at all and we are getting three eggs a day…we have three chickens so that’s good
  9. Sometimes I just can’t believe where this venture has taken me and can’t wait to see what’s in store