Take a Look!

I spent time in the Barn today and got some great pictures of what’s new, what’s old, and what’s perfect for someone on your Christmas list.

First up are some repurposed decorations and toys.

Decorated Sled

Someone’s front porch needs this sled!  She might not be snow worthy anymore, but she has plenty of Winter Cheer!

Ha!  You can see me and the Barn in the reflection on the purple ball!

Junk Signs

Junk turned beautiful through Love and Laughter.


Hours of entertainment for the little one.  Fine motor skills honed!

Second, we have such a good selection of scarves that there won’t be a cold neck in the Greater Akron area.


A color for every coat you have…and even a few you don’t!

Warm Scarves

Keep watching for more pictures and updates on what to expect at the Winter Barn Sale this coming Thursday Dec 6- Sunday Dec 9.


2 thoughts on “Take a Look!

  1. I really like that brown and blue scarf with the heart. I think I’ll be showing up on Thursday to try and snag it. So excited it’s time for the Barn!

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