Kids’ Sewing Kit

I am very excited about a new product I’ll be carrying at the Spring Barn Sale.  I’ve put together a Kids’ Sewing Kit.  Most of the items have been repurposed or left over from another project.  I’m including things like webbing and cloth to stitch on, large sewing needles, stringing beads, shoestrings, wood spools also for stringing, buttons, and other notions for beginners.



And now a little preview of another project.  This is the beautiful Christmas Tree that William, my 5 year old, made today.  The plan is to do a flower, star, and leaf to give us all four seasons.  Then we’ll mount them on a painted wood sign.  If he’d like he can sell it in the Barn, but that’s up to him.  As you can imagine I’m very proud and glad that he is enjoying handiwork like sewing.