Our love affair with Altoid tins

  1. survival kit
  2. first aid kit
  3. sewing kit
  4. miniature doll bed
  5. mini guitar
  6. art
  7. organizing
  8. road trip souvenior
  9. flashlight
  10. camp stove
  11. book
  12. travel watercolor set
  13. mini ice skating rink
  14. mini ocean surf spot
  15. travel games
  16. teacher supplies gift
  17. camera case
  18. advent calendar
  19. photo brag book
  20. mini piano
  21. purse
  22. wallet
  23. succulent planter
  24. crayon box
  25. marshmallow roaster
  26. knitters tool box
  27. gift card holder
  28. zen rock garden
  29. mini toy tool box


We have a curious love affair with Altoid tins.  Is it because they are the last small commercial products sold in an actual metal case?  I think so.  I mean I’ve hung on to the metal Band-Aid tin from my childhood.

As impressive as the list is above I am only going to do one of these for myself and if there’s an interest maybe some for the Barn Sales.  That’s number 30- business card holder.

I’ve posted about my homemade business cards before (here and here and here).  What better way to carry them than in a homemade holder?  I had made this holder out of a men’s flannel shirt pocket and I still have that one, but the tin can hold more of my cards.  They are a little thicker than normal card stock since I use cardboard cereal boxes.

I’m planning on covering the lid with a business card or maybe just my logo.  Logo?  Psst…Mary Beth you don’t have a logo?  Ah, but I will.  This year, along with changing up my tagline (it used to be Repurposed Beauty for your Family and Home, now it’s Shop Local.  Buy Handmade.), I’m adding a logo.  I’ll reveal that later.  Let the suspense build a bit.

So what about you?  Ever made anything out of an Altoid tin?





One thought on “Our love affair with Altoid tins

  1. Altoid tins Rock! I had lots of fun making first aid/survival kits out of them. Excited for that moment when you reach into your business card holder and hand me a PTB card, with the logo….oh the suspense!

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