Today’s Treasures

What a sweet Saturday this was!  We headed off to Zero Landfill right at 9am.  The parking lot was full and the volunteers were smiling and helpful…and freezing their tushes off.  It was fun to be in the warehouse and great for the harvest, but cold!  I met up with Marlo from Repurpose My Life, fellow crafter and vendor at the Barn.

We also met Mike from The List, a television news magazine covering the Zero Landfill harvest.  The List runs on News Net 5 at 7pm Monday through Friday.  Here’s a friendly little warning…Do not call my house at that time this week.  I will be tuned in.  To The List.  To see…me.  I hope.  Marlo and I were interviewed and I was able to share with the viewers how I use the materials that I’ve picked up at Zero Landfill to make products for Portage Trail Barn.  Hee hee.  My small business.  The Barn.  On television.  Hee Hee.  I’m giddy.  And talking in really short sentences.  Hee.

Enough about media contacts and exciting interviews…lets get to the goods, please.  As you can see Ben and Jack are more than happy to sort everything out for me.  Oh and if you are heading to the Zero Landfill harvest (there’s still 2 more days) Feb 16 and 23, then make sure to bring a huge bag like the one in the picture below.  It is so much easier to search through things when your hands aren’t full of things you just found over there at that table.  You can trust me.  I’ve done it before.  I’m just saying.IMG_4463

This appears to be a section of a garage door…I might be wrong.  Either way, I will be painting it up and creating a photo/art board thing.  Hmmm…that’s hard to explain.  I imagine something like this.


Groovy tile pieces…I can’t even tell you what I’m going to do with these yet, but I couldn’t not get these.


Outdoor Tic Tac Toe!  So excited to find tiles at Zero Landfill and I snagged 9 of them with this in mind.  I’m going to set it up in the play area of our backyard.  If anyone needs a little break they can come over and start up a game with Momma sitting under the shade.  Today we just used sticks and stones as our “x”s and “o”s which worked.  I’ll be making up some fun repurposed game pieces and will have a few sets available at the Spring Barn Sale, March 21-23.


Carpet squares that will be turned into an area rug with a little help from my husband and some carpet adhesive tape stuff from the hardware store.


Well that’s what I got at this harvest.  I’ll also be bopping in the next two Saturdays as there are still materials to be dropped off.


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