DIY Bleach Pen on a DIY Infinity Scarf!

How’s that for a Pinterest type blog post?  While Jack was sleeping this morning…


I used this recipe to make my own Bleach Gel Pen.

Portage Trail Barn: DIY bleach pen

Then I grabbed an old work shirt of my husband’s and made an infinity scarf.  This is crafty person code for…I cut the shirt above the bottom hem and again just under the armpits giving me a tube…that doesn’t end…it goes on for an infinity.  Clever huh?  Perhaps it is truly just a circle scarf since an infinity scarf has one twist in it like the infinity sign. Anyway, this shirt was perfect for this project because it already had some sun fading and color variation.

Portage Trail Barn: DIY bleach pen on DIY infinity scarf

I did the design free hand and am rather happy.  At first the gel kept spurting out of the squeezy bottle.  In the picture below you can see the middle dot toward the bottom came out with a bit too much force and therefore went splat.  That was because the gel was too thick.  I watered it down a bit and it was much easier to control.

Portage Trail Barn: DIY bleach pen close up

Just about every site said to leave it on for a different amount of time.  Anywhere from 5 minutes to overnight!  I’m just keeping an eye on it and hoping for the best!  I will certainly update you with the results and any feedback on the process!

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  1. Hi Mary Beth, I’m so glad to see someone else trying my recipe for bleach gel (other than myself)! I’m excited to see how your project turns out. Thanks for the shout out. Have a great day.


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