Where’s the Girls?

I have had several questions about the Portage Trail Barn Chickens.  Mostly, where are they?  We did not keep our girls over the winter.  We gave them to my brother-in-law for good keeping.  I am happy happy happy to say we have new girls on the way.  We’ll have 6 hens total.  3 Barred Rock, 2 Rhode Island Red, and 1 Black Australorp.  We’ve had the Barred Rock breed before…

The Girls

The others are new to us, but are said to be great breeds.  You’ll have to wait until the Summer Barn Sale in June to meet them all.  We’ll be picking them up from Meyers Hatchery in April.










Black Australorp

Rhode Island Red


Won’t we be a beautiful group?  I’m so excited for these girls to get here!

Is there an interest in being able to buy eggs?  Are there any Portage Trail Barn customers interested in yummy backyard chicken eggs?  Let me know in the comments section and we’ll keep you updated as the girls get settled.