Choice of Smart Women…in jeans!

I love working with old clothes.  My favorites are mens dress shirts, wool sweaters, t shirts, and jeans.  I’m like a crisp spring day!  Anyway, the jeans have really got me going right now and I’m pleased with the results.  I tore into my denim bin and sorted things out.


I was in search of seams and cuffs.  I’ve improved on my denim bracelet design.  I’m making four sizes of bangles and several with clips, clasps, and even the original buttonholes and belt loops.

Double Jean Bracelets

IMG_4610 IMG_4607

I LOVE this package from an old clasp I got from my mom.  The clasp worked beautifully for a double loop bracelet and as I was looking over the work table I read this rather cheeky claim on the back.  I’m so glad I’m one of the smart ones.

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