So you want to be a vendor…

Summer Barn Sale June 20-22


Here’s how it works.

  1. I put out a call for vendors (this is that call….da da da dant da da)
  2. People email with websites, pictures, or info on their items
  3. I select who will be in the Summer Barn Sale June 20-22
  4. Vendors will be contacted with a yes or no and will receive the vendor agreement and the drop off dates and information
  5. Once contacted vendors will email 2-3 GOOD quality digital photos of item examples for use as advertisement on the blog and on Facebook

If you talked with me at the Spring Barn Sale, great! Please start with step 2.

If you have been a vendor in the past, great! Please start with step 2.

If you’re my bestest friend and I love you and you don’t think I need to hear from you in any formal way, great! Please start with step 2.

If you’ve never been to Portage Trail Barn before…not so great, but not a deal breaker. Please, please, please be familiar with our products and philosophy. Spend some time on the website…do your homework! We only want to work with people who will care about the Barn as apart of the community. Then start with step 2.

  • We support small business
  • We support local crafters and artists
  • We look for creative, unique, traditional and practical items for kids, adults, families, homes, gardens, and gifts
  • We love things made out of repurposed materials and do not support wasteful crafting
  • We do not do drama

So email me at

Give me your name address and phone number in addition to describing your items.

Thanks everyone and here’s looking at a great Summer Barn Sale!


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  1. I had written the email address so as to minimize the chance of spam, but I don’t want to confuse people so I’ve changed it. Check the post for the email.

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