T shirt Fabric Bracelets

I love fabric jewelry.  It’s beautiful, casual, easy, repurposed, washable, and my young children won’t snap or break it.  Perfect mommy fashion.  I’ve done many kinds of fabric bracelets…

Triple Fabric Bracelet Double Jean Bracelets Triple T shirt bracelet T Shirt Bracelets

I’m pleased to have a vendor offering a fabric bracelet with a very special purpose.  Bravery Bands for little ones to wear when doing something new (say starting kindergarten or trying out for a sport).  They come with a poem and instructions!  I bought my kit and made one for my oldest to wear to school and there was enough to make one for me too.  He loves it.  He decided that the charm goes straight from the band to his heart to mine.  Love it!

Bravery Bands

I’ve also been doing some work on bracelets with pleasing results.  I’ll have plenty for the Fall Barn Sale coming up September 19-21.

Turks Head Bracelet